Snapshots from Northern Michigan

Wide awake after the concert tonight at Cadillac and I'm thinking about all the amazing things the Lord is doing. Here are some snapshots and brief highlights of the week...20130125-234032.jpgIt was so great to hangout and do a house concert with Alison Brook! We even got to see her 'world' famous Chihuahua, Maddy.20130125-235732.jpgI 'learn't' how to safely drive on snow and ice. The empty car lot in the middle of nowhere was perfect for 'testing' the limits of the car ;) I feel a lot more confident when driving on the roads around here. We're definitely taking it easy on the roads. Please pray for safe travels.20130126-000428.jpg20130126-000654.jpg20130126-002126.jpgTo this day I have never been snowboarding, however, life was almost complete when I got to try the potential olympic sport,'Skurfing'.20130126-003536.jpgIt's been a great week and I wish I had time to write more but it is getting late. Hopefully these pictures tell a story. Please continue to pray for us all over here! Thank you for your support, Happy Sabbath!

- Eric

Eric & Monique