Heading South for the Winter

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. So much has happened since our last photo blog. Our aim has been to keep the blog as fresh as possible but sometimes that is hard to achieve while on the road. The Songs of Ascent tour has been amazing so far and we've been immensely blessed to see the Lord leading and impacting lives! Since our last photo update we have farewelled the icy cold states of Michigan and Indiana. The snow and the chill was a novelty for a while, but Tennessee is a lot warmer and we're quite happy about that! So, here's a little of what has been happening recently...20130213-082121.jpgWe went to Narnia... 20130213-081311.jpgAnd spent some time snow plowing and two-tracking in the forest... 20130213-083432.jpgAfter a long day we lit a fire in the snow and threw snowballs at each other... 20130213-090347.jpgWe said goodbye to the winter wonderland and headed south for some concerts... 20130213-090213.jpg20130213-090636.jpgOne of the concerts was filmed live and can be watched in full here... 20130213-091215.jpg20130213-091414.jpgWe hit the road again and journeyed to Berrien Springs to hang out with some friends and family... 20130213-092014.jpg20130213-091517.jpgLeaving Michigan we were threatened by Dinosaurs at a Creation Museum in Kentucky...20130213-092301.jpgAt least we could escape to Jungle Jims, the theme park of supermarkets...20130213-093029.jpg20130213-093112.jpgAs we headed south we crossed the Mississippi river into Missouri and soaked up the sun and warmer temperatures...20130213-093411.jpgA couple concerts later we find ourselves in Tennessee. We're excited about the concert tonight at Southern University!

Eric & Monique